AutoArt by Steve Welford: Automotive Artist Christchurch


This is my preferred style, I spend many hours researching my subject, creating a very acurate drawing, then 15 - 30 hours painting with high quality artist's acrylic paint on primed canvas or paper. I try to capture the realism and stature of each of the subjects' right down to the finest detail. 


This is how I began my art career by drawing vehicles for friends in pen and ink, I altered the look by lowering them and adding larger wheels and exhausts; trying not to go too far whilst careful to create a balance. I have had a great deal of success with these paintings; including a commision from Perkins Motorsport the Australian touring car giants; Working with them and Castrol Racing to produce framed prints for Bathurst in 2003. I have also produced a number of calendars using these images. 


Appeal to my sense of humour. My work include six images produced as Christmas cards, as a fund raiser for the Volunteer Fire Brigade. Other topics of interest are vintage motor racing, golf, yachting and soccer.